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Hello! My name is Harry. I must start by explaining that I am not a medical professional and none of the advice in this blog should be used to diagnose an illness. The information in this blog will help you to gain a good knowledge and understanding of many different medical conditions and procedures, but if you have any symptoms or pain, you should always book an appointment with your local GP or visit the local emergency department at your local hospital. I have learnt about various medical conditions from my uncle who is a GP. He would often explain the different cases he had seen and would let me read his medical textbooks. I hope you find my blog useful.



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3 Reasons Why Painkillers Aren’t Curing Your Headaches

If the painkillers you normally take aren't currently working on the headaches you're getting at the moment, then you may be at a bit of a loss as to what you should do. This can be worrying, especially if you're experiencing many headaches that you can't control. Why have your painkillers stopped working and what should you do about it? 1. You're Taking the Wrong Painkillers While any headache painkiller should do something to relieve your pain, not all painkillers have the same effects. Read More 

3 Steps To Help You Recover Faster From Tennis Elbow

A tennis elbow is the result of a forearm muscle inflammation attached to your elbow. While common in racquet-related sports like tennis and badminton, this problem can also occur from any repetitive activity that works this muscular region hard. For instance, physical work like construction activities, plumbing and carpentry can also cause tennis elbow. If you're suffering from this condition, physiotherapy exercises may help you recover faster. Here are some steps to help you do that. Read More 

2 tips for elderly people who are about to move into a retirement village

Many people decide to move into retirement villages or other types of assisted living communities when they reach a certain age. If you're about to move into a retirement village, here are some tips that should help you to make the most out of your new living environment. 1. Embrace the social perks of living in a retirement community One of the key benefits of retirement communities is that they can help elderly people to avoid becoming socially isolated and experiencing all of the negative effects associated with isolation (such as depression, loneliness, boredom and low self-esteem). Read More 

Why You Should Consider Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among males in Australia, and as men grow older, it becomes an increasingly relevant health concern. According to Cancer Australia, Australia has over 94,000 men living with prostate cancer, and it estimates that it will represent a staggering 24% of new cancer diagnoses affecting males in 2018, with an estimated 3,500 deaths from the disease. They also note that the rate of new cases has dropped quite significantly since 2008, from 180 per 100,000 to 130, while 5-year survival rates have also greatly improved, from 58% in 1984-1988 to 95% in 2009-2013. Read More 

Are You the Right Sort of Person to Work as a GP?

A career in medicine is one with many possible paths. Whether you decide early on what you want to specialise in or it comes at some point during your career, there's certainly no shortage of options. One of the options that's not always considered alongside the others is general practice. Part of the reason for this is that, despite the fact that general practice is a specialism in itself, it's sometimes seen as too vague. Read More